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Gothica - Essence of Darkness
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Absinthe Gothica

Absinthe is a strong alcoholic liquor of typically 68% alcohol by volume / 136 US proof. The name "Absinthe" derives from "artemisia absinthium", the Latin name of wormwood and the spirit's main ingredient. Absinthe traditionally has a natural green color. It is commonly referred to in historical literature as the "Green Fairy". In the 19th century poets, artist and writers often drank a glass of Absinthe for inspirational sakes. Indeed, some legendary artworks owe their existence to the spirit.

Gothica is a very special Absinthe. It is not made after grandfathers recipe, it does not want to be a traditional French-styled Absinthe. Why? Because it is a dedication to darkness. With a strong wormwood taste and merciless alcohol by vol. of 66.6% / 132 proof Gothica opens the gates to a new dimension. Drink with responsibility, the "Essence of Darkness" is nothing to play with.

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How does Gothica Absinthe taste like?

The taste of Gothica Absinthe is herbaceous and strong with slightly bitter notes of wormwood. Overall, the Absinthe is not too dominant in anise, but has a slightly sweet floral note, which is due to the refinement of the Absinthe with rose blossoms. The green color of Gothica Absinthe is plant-based (chlorophyll). With the addition of water Gothica clouds into an opalescent innocent white. Due to the strong alcohol content of 66.6% by vol. (133.2 proof) Gothica Absinthe should only be consumed in moderation. The Essence of Darkness is not for weak minds, do not drink as a shot! 


Unlouched, natural green color.


Louched, magic white color, with a green layer on top. Overall mid to strong density.


Herbal notes of wormwood are first, followed by some sweet tones reminding of cloves and cinnamon. In the finish floral notes of roses. Overall a dense presence of wormwood.


Sweet tones stay on the tongue with a pleasantly warm feeling.


Gothica is a merciless strong Absinthe, no doubt in this regard. But its taste is pleasantly sweet like a Fairy's kiss.


Strong Absinthe with alcohol

Gothica Absinthe

66.6% Alcohol by volume

Strong Absinthe with wormwood

Absinthe Wormwood

The essential herbal ingredient

Gothica Absinthe Glass

Gothica Skull Glass

The perfect glass for Gothica Absinthe


How do I drink this Absinthe?

Absinthe Gothica can either be prepared the classic way with a sugar cube and ice cold water, or you can as well use this Absinthe for cocktails. A nice drink is the "Kiss of Death":

Take a sugar cube, put it in an empty glass of Champagne and pour just a bit of Gothica Absinthe into the glass. Only so much, that the sugar cube is Absinthe-soaked and therefore as well green in color. Then you fill the glass with Champagne. The sugar cube will dissolve in black swirls by the bubbles of the Champagne. Magic!

Another drinking variation is to prepare Absinthe Gothica the traditional French way with water and sugar and then infuse it with some red wine (Bordeaux works well, approx 30 ml / 1 oz.). This drink is delicious and inspiring! Below you can check a video of the traditional French Absinthe Ritual.



Where can I buy Absinthe Gothica online?

Gothica is exclusively sold by the Absinthe online store ALANDIA. ALANDIA was founded in 2001, soon after legalization of Absinthe in the European Union. Since 2001 they are serving the Absinthe community. Worldwide shipping is offered including the USA. The delivery is 100% guaranteed.



Absinthe Gothica Reviews:

„Strong as hell, this stuff is evil!! Love it!"

Carol from USA

„Had to try this because of the bottle and the nice color. Although I expected a kick in the face this absinthe is mellow and sweet. Had it with 3 parts water, 1 part absinthe. Didn't need any sugar at all.“

Petr from Finland

„Wow, had two glasses and the night became clear and bright. Had the best dreams ever....“

Dirk from Germany


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