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Welcome to the Essence-of-Darkness!

this black Absinthe is different. It doesn´t use a traditional recipe, it doesn´t claim to be made after grandfathers recipe and it doesn´t want to be a French styled Absinthe. Why? Because it is a dedication to darkness and inspiration! With a strong wormwood taste, merciless alcohol degree and its black color Absinthe Gothica opens the gates to a new dimension. The Absinthe recipe makes use of artemisia absinthium as well as other ingredients that are known for their transcendental virtues. Drink with responsibility, the Essence-of-Darkness is nothing to play with...


Absinthe Gothica Characteristics:

Name: Gothica - Essence-of-Darkness
Alcohol: 80%
Color: Black
Louche: Slightly milky
Wormwood: Maximum, approx. 30mg
Effect: Strong and evil
Taste: Herbal, slight fresh anise mouthfeel with a sweet note of roses

Because of its strength we recommend to serve Absinthe Gothica using the Bohemian Absinthe Ritual. It can also be enjoyed on ice with an infusion of Red Wine.


Absinthe Labels:

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